2 x 4 Productions – We build creative content that educates, engages and entertains

In carpentry, the 2x4 is the structural backbone for most homes and buildings. 2x4 Productions is a creative services company that frames solutions and builds results from the ground up.

With TRAINING, we create lively, engaging curriculum that retains valuable personnel and grooms excellence. With BRANDING we sharpen and shape messages so you can cut through the b.s. to build business. In ENTERTAINMENT, we craft television and video programming that’s compelling, comedic, informative - or all three.

Whether you need a communications partner to serve a supporting role, or full-service solution, we have the writers, producers, photographers and personnel to make your brand better.

Samples of our work

Whether it’s teaching woodworkers how to hand-cut dovetails, or cosmetologists how to cut hair, we excel at bringing training, teaching and messaging down to its relevant core. We know you don’t have time to consume everything. So here are a few bites.

Show me a Winner!

We like winning awards. We like showing off video too.
“Mind Your Manners” RealScreen Pitch It competition winner
See clip of Mind Your Manners.

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