As a business tool, a dash of comedy goes a long way in making messages more memorable. Whether it’s a cheeky twist on a pedantic presentation or a couple one-liners for a speech, Two by Four’s talent pool not only thinks outside of the box, we out-box over-thinking. We put the “ha’ha” in ho-hum.

“As any of the 900 people who came to MinnRoast 2011 could tell you, JoJo is an extremely creative director, writer, comic actor and singer. Working with her to stage these shows for four years now, we can add that she is a fantastic recruiter of talent, juggler of schedules, and diplomat. All in all, a force of nature! We enthusiastically recommend that you hire her, unless it hurts when you laugh.“

– Laurie & Joel Kramer, co-founders, Minn Post



Minn Roast
This popular comedy revue features “Minnesota politicians and journalists  gently skewered.”
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The Dwyer Group: Plumbing Does and Don’t’s
Presentation on standards of decorum for Annual Meeting.
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Marketing, promotional and outtake reels satirizing home improvement and repair dilemmas.

FM 107
Scripted, satirical sketches for women’s talk radio

Corporate Events and Conventions
Clients include: MagicCom; Schwan’s; Kozy Heat; United Health Group/Ingenix; Home, Garden & Patio shows in over 20 markets

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